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ACRA 9" x 42" Table Variable Speed Vertical Mill - LCM-42 (AC Inverter) w/Acu-Rite MillPwr 2 axis CNC Made in Taiwan Quill Heat Treat Hardened & Chromed Chrome Way Spindle: R8 Made from one piece of Ni-Cr alloy steel. Supported by two precision angular contact and one ball bearing to ensure rigidity. Inner Taper was hardened and ground. Inner taper runout keeps within 0.002mm. Adjustable Backlash Nut: Unique double nuts and backlash adjusting design, contact face enlarged ensuring accuracy over long term and easy for backlash adjustment. Milling Head Gear & Quill: Hardened & ground spindle, quiet and smooth, free of noise vibration. Use dynamically balanced pulleys and precision bearings. Spindle back gear running in grease packed housing ensures fatigue strength and low noise. Quill Heat Treat Hardened & Chromed. Rigid Head Tilting System: The head knuckle is our design patent. This structure increases the stability and rigidity, when vertical head is tilted at all angles, front and back to perform complicated work. There are T-Bolts to lock the knuckle to Ram instead of 3 bolts.

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Standard Equipment: Quill Heat Treated, Hardened & Chromed One Shot Lubrication ISO 9002 Certified: “Built to World Industrial Standards” Meehanite Castings: Highest grade of casting possible High Out-Put Head Cooling Fans: Ensures vari-drive and motor run at optimal temperatures extending belt life, pulleys & bearings ABEC-7 Spindle Bearings: The quill is ground and hard, chromed and fitted to housing w/a max spindle run-out of 0.0002″ T.I.P. Motor Shaft and Vari Drive: Are dynamically balanced, then chromed for a flawless fit, w/ground ribs on inside diameter. Motor shaft has an oil channel w/grease fitting. Lubrication: One shot lubrication system ensures table knee, and lead-screw are lubricated. Double Nut Backlash Design: Keeps backlash at .0008 over 20″ travel Table and Saddle: They are mounted w/preloaded thrust bearings, eliminating endplay for precise control of lateral movement. Ways are Hard-Chrome Dovetail on Saddle & Column Patented Knucle Design: Uses 6 bolts – 3 per side, securing them from the outside. This method locks the head securely resulting in greater accuracy and performance. Hand Scraped Saddle and Knee Oil Grooves are Milled. The LCM Mill: uses a roller bearing for the lower support of the motor shaft to ensure proper loading, support, and alignment.

Power3 hp
RPM4,500 RPM
ControlCNC (Accu-Rite MillPwr 2 axis)
Dimensions75" x 57.8" x 82.7"
Weight2,400 lbs

LCM-42 Y Axis Travel 12" Z Axis Travel (quill) 5" T-Slots 3" x 0.625" x 2.5" Ram Travel 12" Knee Travel 16" Throat Distance 6.75" - 18.75" Spindle Gaugeline to Table Top 0 - 18.5" Vertical Speed (Variable Speed 60 - 4500 RPM Quill Feed 0.0016/0.0031/0.0063" Vertical Spindle Taper R8 Head Tilt (right-left) 90º Head Tilt (up-down) +45 - 38º Vertical Motor 3 HP Dimensions 75" x 57.8" x 82.7" For More ACRA Series LCM Variable Speed Vertical Mill

ACRA 9" x 42" Table Variable Speed Vertical Mill - LCM-42 (AC Inverter) w/Acu-Rite MillPwr 2 axis CNC

ACRA 9" x 42" Table Variable Speed Vertical Mill - LCM-42 (AC Inverter) w/Acu-Rite MillPwr 2 axis CNC
Vertical Mills