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MECO MEC ARC-150 x 1150 x 1075 Bridge-Type Vertical Slotter with 43"" Maximum Part Diameter The first bridge-type keyseating machine, ideal for large parts. With a maximum height of up to 45.28" and keyways of between 2.0" and 10.24"wide, this is a machine designed to work with large caliber parts. In addition, the CNC control can control both the cutting speed and feed and the worktop displacement thereby providing greater accuracy and speed. MEC ARC carries out straight, conical, blind hole, internal and external splines and spiral keyseating both inside and outside. In addition, our bridge broaching machine has a powerful motor with electrical safety equipment, plus the automatic system for bringing in the tool to the point where the process starts, allowing adjustment of the path and the separation between cutting edge and part, making it possible to perform fine work even on large parts. Advantages of MEC ARC has a table for handling parts up to 43" in diameter. It is a perfect tool for working in any type of material, even materials that are particularly difficult to machine due to their hardness. It also includes either a Siemens or Mitsubishi CNC with a touch screen that makes it easier to adjust and control the process. Like the other MECO keyseating machines, the MEC ARC has a automatic tool separation system that offers a perfect finish to parts and increases the machine's lifespan.

Equipped With

3 Automatic Axes: Z=45.28"; Y=57.09"; W=3.2 RPM of 42.32" rotary plate Ability to do blind parts 3 sets of ball screws Chip collection by worm drive auger PN Type toolholder that allows entire spindle to enter the part Touch screen Table has 6 radial T-slots Spindle alignment system Spindle of 6" diameter for toolholders Cutter centering using two cutters edges to center the cutter Straight slots, Helical Slots, Hexagonal, External Splines, Conical Keyways, Keyways in Blind Samples, Squares, Internal Splines an Blind Holes High Load Working System lets 5-80mm width cutter can cut up to 350 slot

Keyway Width0"
Keyway Length45.28"
ControlCNC (Mitsubishi or Siemens)
Dimensions98" W x 157"L x 157"H
WeightTBD lbs

Description MEC-ARC 150X1150X1075 Premium CNC General dimensions (length, width, height). 157"L x 98.43W x 157"H Machine weight (Aprox). Machine Type Bridge with unique arc Cementing and implantation. No Table dimensions. Ø47.24" Diameter Distance from the table to the bridge: 47.24" Maximum diameter over the table. (W Axis). Ø42.32" Type of clamping system for the tools: Combined depending on the hole Ø of the piece Clamping for SV tool-holders (holes form Ø2" to Ø10.23"). Morse cone type Clamping for PN tool-holder (holes from Ø9.84"to 42.32", and for external slots):Screws and ring system Extension system for the spindle. Optional Refrigerant system: Yes (15Lts/min) Refrigerant recommended. WD-40 Low level indicator for refrigerant liquid: Yes Maximum viscosity of work. From 5 to 10cS at 40ºC (1) Maximum pressure: 5 Bar Programmable through M Code in the CNC: Yes Flow regulation: Manual Oil filter system. Yes Filtration degree: 0.2mm Machine floor with oil collection tray: Yes Collection chips system: Yes Actuated from the CNC: Yes Programmable through M Code in the CNC: No Machine light Yes (800 Lumens) Internal lubricate system for mechanical components: Yes Lubrication system: Multipoint injection Kind of oil for lubricate system: SAE-15 or equivalent Profitable stroke in “X Axis”. 17.72" Maximum translation speed (G0):20m/min Servomotor power: 6.03HP Maximum force: 4700Kgf Positioning accuracy: 0.05mm Positioning repeatability: 0.03mm Profitable stroke in “Y axis”: 57.09" Maximum translation speed (G0): 20m/min Servomotor power: 4.02 HP Maximum force: 2800Kgf Positioning accuracy: 0.05mm Profitable stroke in “Z Axis”: 45.28" Maximum translation speed (G0): 20m/min Servomotor power: 4.02HP Maximum force: 2800Kgf Positioning accuracy: 0.05mm Positioning repeatability: 0.03mm Profitable stroke in “W Axis”: 360 degrees. Maximum angular speed (G0): 3.2 RPM/min Servomotor power: 6.02HP Maximum torque allowed for machining: 18 kN/m Tangential torque with locked table: 40 kN/m Positioning accuracy: +- 3,5 arcsec Positioning repeatability: 0.03mm Maximum weight over the table: 22,000 lbs CNC model integrated in the machine: SIEMENS or MITSUBISHI (customer's choice, but price is different depending on choice) The parameters below are for SIEMENS Interpolation tolerance at F4500mm/min: 0.02mm Interpolation tolerance at F10000mm/min 0.05mm: LAN network connectivity: Yes Program management from SD card: Yes Program management from PC: Yes Maximum storage capability in the CNC: 64000 steps Monitoring and display the individual axis power consumption: No Effective torque limitation on each axis by the user: No Maximum working speed (G1): 15000mm/min Speed in security mode with doors opened: 150mm/min Web-CAM area visualization to local network (not CNC associated): Optional

MECO MEC ARC-150 x 1150 x 1075 Bridge-Type Vertical Slotter with 43" Maximum Part Diameter

MECO MEC ARC-150 x 1150 x 1075 Bridge-Type Vertical Slotter with 43" Maximum Part Diameter