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DENER MODEL DDS 40-13 Ball Screw Electric Press Brake 44 US Tons x 51.2" Dener CNC Ball Screw Electric Press Brakes are no-hydraulic, flexible, reliable and advance bending machines. Next generation machine idea combines green-eco friendly machines productivity, accuracy, flexibility and reliability. The new concept offers low power consumption, less maintenance, no hydraulic oil for operation. Heavy duty large thread pitch ball screws are rated at 3X the machine tonnage for failure free operation with precision. DDS Series Electric Press Brakes comes with an advanced CNC controller, fast and accurate punch and die clamping, and multi axis back gauge system. Operators simply make perfect sheet metal parts with very low cost. 2 year warranty Energy saving up to 50% compared to hydraulic press brake High bending speed provide low noise Low maintenance cost High accurate positioning and repeatability Light and compact design 2 axis back gauge handles complex parts with ease. • High speed movement combined with high accuracy drives ensures the back gauge is positioned quickly and precisely every time for the operator. Work Table Foldable and height adjustable ergonomic working table makes bending easier and comfortable.

Equipped With

Standard 2-Axis Back Gauge (X, R) • Linear guided X axis • CNC X and R axis (Z manual) • Ball screw X axis with 19.6” reach (500mm) • Maximum X axis gauging: 30.1” (765 mm) • Fingers with up to three X axis stops • Repeat accuracy ± 0.0012” (±0.03 mm) • Parallel accuracy ± 0.004” (±0.1 mm) • CE, CSA, and UL certified Lenze motors and amps Controller ESA S 630 Control Unit • 10" color touch screen • Automatic bend sequence • Easy programmable 2D graphic display. • Up to 4 axes (Y1,Y2, X and R) Optional • Multiple language options • Multiple simulation • Remote access Standard Features: • European type sectioned punch holder. • European type sectioned die holder. • ESA 630 W 10″ 3D control unit. • 4 Axis – Y1, Y2, X, R. • Side and back safety gates. • Foot pedal with emergency stop button. • 480 V, 50-60 HZ, 3Ph electrical system. • Electrical cabinet cooling system.

Tonnage44 T
Overall Length51.2"
Between Housings35.43"
# Axis4
ControlCNC (ESA S 675)
Dimensions50.4"L x 69.3"W x 86.2"H
Weight4,400 lbs

Capacity 44 US Tons Ram Repeatability ± 0.0004 Inch Approach Speed Max. 5.9 IPS Bend Speed Max. 0.78 IPS Return Speed Max. 5.9IPS Punch holder Height 3.9 Inch Back Gauge Speed 39 IPS Back Gauge Repeat Accuracy 0.002” Back Gauge X Ball Screw Travel 19.6 Inch Back Gauge Max Gauge Point 30.1 Inch R Axis Travel 4.9 Inch Bending Length 51.2 Inch Ram Stroke 5.9 Inch Daylight w/o punch holders 14.8 Inch Table Height 36.22 Inch Table Width 3.7 Inch Weight 7,480 lbs Main Motor 2 x 5.1 HP

DENER MODEL DDS 40-13 Ball Screw Electric Press Brake 44 US Tons x 51.2"

Illinois, United States
DENER MODEL DDS 40-13 Ball Screw Electric Press Brake 44 US Tons x 51.2"
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