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Sharp RD 1230 Radial Arm Drill 4 Foot CAPACITY Cast Iron Drilling 2-3/16" Capacity Tapping 1-1/2" Boring 4-3/4" Steel Drilling 1-5/8" Capacity Tapping 1" Boring 3-3/8"+ Total Power Consumptions • 220V 8KVA/25 amps • 440V 8KVA/12.5 amps FEATURES: • Hardened and Ground Arm Slide ways and gears • Arm Elevation is controlled by Electric Motor • Arm and head clamping controlled by electric motor • Safety device prevents arm from dropping even when bronze nut is worn • Counter balanced spindle (with casting) increases durability • Spindle depth setting with automatic kick out • T-Slots and Drain Channels on casting • Auto reverse tapping function

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STANDARD EQUIPMENT: • Box Table • Coolant System • Worklight • Toolbox • Standard voltage is 220 V. 440 v needs to be factory order with special motor or purchase a transformer, an optional item. OPTIONAL ACCESSORIES: Tilting Table 32” x 28” x 24” WEIGHT 3960LBS RD1230-TILT $13,330.00 440 V transformer TF440/6KVA net $ 1,600.00 CSA parts upgrade and guarding net $ 5,0750.00 CSA compliance certificate by CSA Group in LA,CA net $ 4,5350.00

Arm Length4'
Column Dia.11.813"
Power5 hp
RPM1,500 RPM
Dimensions80"L x 39"W x 89"H
Weight4,950 lbs.

Diameter of column 11-13/16" Distance from column surface to spindle center, max. 48-1/2" Distance from column surface to spindle center, min. 13-3/8" Travel of spindle head 35" Distance from base surface to spindle end, max. 54" Distance from base surface to spindle end, min. 19-3/8" Elevating height of arm 34-5/8" Effective area of table 27-5/8"x19-5/8"x15-3/4" Dimensions of base 67-11/16"x27-15/16"x6-1/2" Taper hole in spindle #4 MT Stoke of spindle 9-7/8" R.P.M. of spindle (rpm range x steps) 44-1500 x 12 Steps Feed of spindle (1PR x steps) 0.002"-0.006" x 3 Steps Main motor (HP) 5 HP (2 speed motor) Elevating motor (HP) 1 HP Clamping motor for column and gear-box (HP) 1 HP Clamping motor for arm (HP) 1 HP Coolant pump (HP) 1/8 HP Machine height from floor, max. 109-1/2" Measurement (LxWxH) 80"x39"x89" Approximate shipping weight 4,950 Lbs.

Sharp RD 1230 Radial Arm Drill 4 Foot

California, United States
Sharp RD 1230 Radial Arm Drill 4 Foot
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