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HPB CNC 1040
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KAAST CNC Press Brake Model HPB 1040 3'x 44 ton The HPB is perfect for complicated, sensitive, single or multiple bends at high speed. This machine is among the highest rated machines for helping to increase productivity and lower costs with a userfriendly CNC controller and low-cost hydraulic maintenance. It allows you to have more production capacity and eliminates wasted time on production. High quality and repetitive bending is obtained by using synchronized cylinders and valves. Automatic axis referencing and calibrating is performed when machine is turned on.

Equipped With

Adjustable height and sliding front support arms Top and bottom tools are surface hardened by special treatment Promecam quick clamping system Delem DA-58T CNC controlled strong 800mm back gauge 31.5" 410 mm (16') throat depth 2-piece back gauge fingers Scales in metric and inches Foot pedal is produced according to CE standards and suitable for single and multiple bendings 2 photocells are placed facing each other for rear and side guards Covers for cylinders and top beam

Tonnage44 T
Overall Length39.4"
Between Housings31.5"
ControlCNC (Delem 58T)
Dimensions91" x 77" x 73"
Weight4,080 lbs

SPECIFICATIONS: Bending length 1000 mm (39.4”) Tonnage 40 ton (44 tons) Bending capacity (42 kg/mm2) 5 mm (0.2”) Number of axes 3 Free down speed 110 mm/s (4.3”/sec) Bending speed 11 mm/s (0.4”/sec) Return back speed 105 mm/s (4.1”/sec) Stroke (Y1, Y2) 100 mm (3.9”) Back gauge stroke (X axis) 500 mm (19.7”) Distance between housing 800 mm (31.5”) Throat depth 250 mm (9.8”) Table height 800 mm (31.5”) Table width 89 mm (3.5”) Daylight 307 mm (12.1”) Main motor 4 kW (5.5 Hp) Back gauge motor (X) 0.75 kW (1 Hp) Oil capacity 60 l (15.9 gal) Max. pressure 255 bar (3,700 psi) Dimensions 2300x1950x1860 mm (91x77x73”) Weight 1850 kg (4,080 lbs)

KAAST CNC Press Brake Model HPB 1040 3' x 44 Ton

Pennsylvania, United States
KAAST CNC Press Brake Model HPB 1040 3' x 44 Ton
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