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WF WELLS Model L-10 Horizontal Hinge Type Band Saw 10" x 16" Capacity What sets W.F. Wells apart from the rest? There are many reasons our customers have chosen and continue to choose us for their bandsaw needs. All American made with over 50 years of experience producing bandsaws. We have developed leading edge technology using new high-tech designs. W.F. Wells, Inc is the only manufacturer with our unique cutting force system. It is superior to others because the force is taken from the blade, not the cutting head. Accurate cutting force is a necessity in bandsawing to assure straight cuts. W.F. Wells, Inc has a complete bandsaw line. We also build custom machines for special applications. 75% of special machines cut exotic materials other than metal. We are a progressive company with the ability to solve customer issues and insure our standard product line has the latest available technology due to daily engineering efforts. If there is a need for a special option, we can quote, design and build it. Some special application areas include; plastics, graphite, crystal, quartz, silicon, ceramics, wood products and military ballistics to name a few. Components on the machines are the best available, including Vickers hydraulics and Square-D electrics. All components are UL, CSA approved and qualify for use in automotive applications. Most of these components are found in any major U.S. city resulting in local support and reduced down time. Our CNC bandsaw technology is engineered to give customers years of trouble free, accurate sawing. The sensor used on our saws is also approved by major CNC mill and lathe manufacturers, again showing our commitment to quality. We have a pricing advantage over the general market. We are more competitive in price than all European and Japanese products due to cost of manufacturing in those countries. Since 2003 the Taiwan products have been rising heavily in price closing the gap with the American product. There is little interference with selling our product against the competition and we are happy to say we continually win bids against every bandsaw manufacturer. W.F. Wells, Inc bandsaws hold their value. There have been many instances where owners have sold their used machine for more than they originally paid for it. Used machinery dealers favor our products due to our name recognition, readily available parts and the overall durability of our product. Also, customers buying our product typically have no problems obtaining a lease due to our reliable product name. Our bandsaw line has a proven track record. You can find our products in small and large companies alike. Our saws are being utilized for/by; maintenance shops, research departments, schools, military bases, naval ships and shipyards, high volume production cutting, steel service centers, fabrication shops and numerous specialty applications. To better serve our customers, we have made a commitment to stock our standard machines as well as parts for all models dating as far back as the 1940’s. If you need a saw now, we have it in stock. All outside sales personnel and end users are welcome to call the factory, or our manufactures representative direct. We will be there for all parties interested in our products.

Equipped With

Optional Factory Installed Accessories Casters (changes work height to 31¾”) Automatic Length Stop Assembly Discharge Table, 20″ W x 48″ L with Stock Stop Work Light, Wired In Blade Tension Indicator Air Vise, Manual Stock Stand, 6″ Wide Stock Stand, 12″ Wide Roller Guides in Place of Carbides Free Standing Roller Stock Conveyors, 6″ Centers 18″ X 5′ X 2,500 lbs Cap. Distributed Weight 18″ X 10′ X 5,000 lbs Cap. Distributed Weight Consult Factory For Additional Accessories *Prices and specifications subject to change without notic

Rect-Cap (H)10"
Rect-Cap (W)16"
Power3 hp
Type (Auto, Manual, Semi)Semi
Blade Width1"
Blade Thickness0.035"
Blade Length138"
Dimensions81" L x 43" W x 63" H
Weight850 lbs

Specifications Capacity.Rectangular at 90 10" High X 16" Wide, Round at 90 11" .Rectangular at 45 10" High X 8" Weight Capacity................2,000 lbs.Wide, Round at 45 7¾" Blade Speed ...................Variable 70-380 SFPM Blade Size.....................1" X .035 X 11'-6" Sawing Feed ...................Variable, Hydraulic Sawing Force ..................Variable, Counterbalanced Blade Guide ...................Carbide Blade Tension .................Manual Bandwheel Size ................14½" Vise...........................Manual Blade Drive ...................3HP 3ph, 1 HP 1ph Coolant Capacity...............10 Gallons Work Height ...................28¼" Shipping Weight................850 lbs. Machine Dimensions ............81" L” x 43" W x 63" H Electrics .....................Magnetic Motor Starter Wired to NFPA 79 Machine Tool Standards OPTIONAL FACTORY INSTALLED ACCESSORIES Description Order Number Price Casters (changes work height to 31¾”) 0051184 $700.00 Automatic Length Stop Assembly 0056195 $320.00 Discharge Table, 20" W x 48" L with Stock Stop 0051181 $2,300.00 Work Light, Wired In 0052205 $295.00 Blade Tension Indicator 0051180 $310.00 Air Vise, Manual 0051196 $2,075.00 Stock Stand, 6" Wide 0050245 $365.00 Stock Stand, 12" Wide 0050246 $440.00 Roller Guides in Place of Carbides 0051185 $380.00 Free Standing Roller Stock Conveyors, 6" Centers 18" X 5' X 2,500 lbs Cap. Distributed Weight 0050030 $645.00 18" X 10' X 5,000 lbs Cap. Distributed Weight 0050029 $1,110.00

WF WELLS Model L-10 Horizontal Hinge Type Band Saw 10" x 16" Capacity

Michigan, United States
WF WELLS Model L-10 Horizontal Hinge Type Band Saw 10" x 16" Capacity
Horizontal Band Saws