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EUROMAC Electric Press Brake Model 1547 60" x 47 Tons The FX Bend 1547 is as reliable as any fully electric press brake on the market today, yet it remains a small electric press brake that is easily transportable. The FX Bend 1547 would be a great addition to any manufacturing company looking to add cutting edge innovation to its operation. Innovation, reliability and productivity. If you had to define FX bend through three words would be certainly these. The Euromac range of electric press-brakes will promptly reply to your production requirements distinguishing itself for high precision and for elevated performances. Innovation, reliability and productivity. If you had to define FX Bend through three words would be certainly these. Innovation, because the force of the press is in extension during bending with the result of having greater strength and more precision in machining. Reliability thanks to an extremely robust monoblock structure in Meehanite than any bending machine with an assembled structure. High-level productivity with backgauges at 4 and 6-axis, fully automatic and with independent movements able to reach speeds of up to 1000 mm / sec which together with high decelerations ensure maximum productivity. Control unit 21″ • Anti glare touch-screen LCD • Water and dust resistant (IP65) • Up to 9 hours battery power backup • Windows® 10 • USB and WiFi connection • DXF import files • 2,5 D Graphic visualization • 3 D Graphic visualization (optional) Our new 4 roll line offers many advantages. It is the easiest hydraulic bending machine to use, thanks to the ability to pinch the plate between the two motorized central rolls, to make the pre-bending at the end, and the bending thru the whole body in a single direction and in one pass. The plate is kept squared without slipping during the pre-bending and bending cycle, thanks to the constant pinching of the central rolls. This makes our 4 roll machine perfectly suited to be controlled by NC or CNC numerical control. This machine is reliable and effective. The parallelism of the side rolls is controlled by a torsion bar system that connects to both ends of the side roll, eliminating the disadvantage of extra encoders and special hydraulic balancing valves. The two central rolls are driven by hydraulic motors and high efficiency planetary gearboxes coupled directly on the rolls. The MG solution, with rolls assembled on sealed bearings and without secondary components, reduces the dispersions of the applied force generated by the frictions of the various components (typical in synchronization systems used in other bending machines). The side rolls move up and down on planetary swing guides: a perfect geometry that eliminates the disadvantages of linear gears. This allows us to have hydraulic pumps with lower flow motors, improving energy savings. In the ME version both the movement and the rolls parallelism are electronic driven. Two proportional electro-valves, two transducers and a dedicated system grant precision, stability and repeatability over the time, and under any temperature and condition. In Its ML version, on the other hand, the side rolls move on a linear oblique channel reducing the space between the rolls. The point of contact of the side roll with the sheet metal takes place in a shorter space thanks to a narrower center distance; this allows working with very small diameters reducing further the flat edges. On this model, the parallelism of the rolls is electronic; two proportional electro-valves, two transducers with digital reading and a dedicated electronic control that guarantees precision and repeatability of each roll positioning over time, independent of temperature or any mechanical wearing, ensuring always-maximum precision.

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Portable press brake by fork lift Monoblock Frame 7.87"/sec Speed with Direct Drive motor 4 Axes - or 6 Axes Wila, or Promecam tooling systems Laser safety system Control Unit: Control unit: • Anti-glare touch-screen LCD. • Water and dust resistant. • Up to 9 hours battery power backup or UPS. • Impact resistant. Easy transportability. Fork lift ready and optimized weight distribution for easy transportability: quickly rearrange your shop floor allowing a maximized and lean productivity. Ergonomics. Machine specifications such as speed and productivity would be meaningless without keeping in account the human interaction. The Euromac FX bend is designed to be user friendly and have ergonomic features. The machine allows the operator to work in a comfortable position wether he is stand or sit. The support table can be moved to the sides from the folding area. Solutions designed to maximize productivity and facilitate the operators work. Design INNOVATION A unique design that perfectly combines aesthetic and functionality. • Automatic bending sequence calculation. • USB and WiFi connection. • DXF import files. • 2,5 D Graphic visualization. • 3D viewer optional. * The values or parameters can be different

Tonnage47 T
Overall Length60"
# Axis4
ControlCNC (FX Touch Software)
Dimensions7.4'L x 5.75"W x 6.8'H
Weight8,800 lbs

Specifications: Max. Bending Force: 47 Ton Bending Length: 60” Y Axis Stroke: 9.8” Y Axis Speed: 7.8” Opening (table to ram): 18.5” Table to Ram Opening: 15.5” Control Unit: touch screen LCD Connections: Wireless, (2) USB Ports Motor Power (Kw): 1x5,2 Connected Load (kWa): 5 Approx. Weight: 9,700 lbs. Optional FX Bend Back Gauges: 4 Axis Back Gauge (X, R, Z1, Z2) 6 Axis Back Gauge (X1, X2, R1, R2, Z1, Z2)

EUROMAC Electric Press Brake Model 1547 60" x 47 Tons

Maryland, United States
EUROMAC Electric Press Brake Model 1547 60" x 47 Tons
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