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MECO MANPO 100 Portable Boring Mill The MECO MANPO 100 portable boring machine is a machine-tool that uses hole machining to perforate or bore holes in heavy metal parts. It offers on-site boring in the field without having to take broken machines to the workshop. At MECO we offer an automatic model with an independent gear reducing motor for the feed and connection/disconnection by means of a simple clutch system. It also has constant turning speed and feed - although there is the optional possibility of including a variable speed option on both motors - in both turning directions (left and right). A boring machine that has an electrical panel with wiring to be able to activate it at a certain distance in addition to a circular register and screws to fasten down the coupling system it requires. A tool that each customer will be able to couple where they most need it according to their needs without any difficulty, thanks to weighing barely 154lbs, built with an aluminum chassis that reinforces the simplicity and effectiveness of MECO's machines.

Boring Dia500 mm
Weight154 lbs

TECHNICAL FEATURES: Recommended maximum bore diameter: 20" Stroke length: Spindle F-156 subsequent treatments. Hardened and ground diameter 70 mm. Spindle equipment. Morse taper tip to bore smaller diameter or more length. - Electrical wiring box has to be placed some distance from the machine. - The connecting coupling between the boring and the machine on which you must perform the work will have to make every customer depending on the application. - The machine has a circular logging and screws for mounting the coupling system is required. - Automatic model with separate gear motor for advancement and on / off using a simple clutch system . - Speed and constant feed . Optional placement of a speed for both engines. With both directions : right and left. - Construction of the aluminum chassis, with an approximate weight of 154 lbs

MECO MANPO 100 Portable Boring Mill
Horizontal Boring Machines