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Horizontal Dual Column Band Saws
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W.F. WELLS Horizontal Bandsaw Model X-SPECIAL Trim Saw 60" x 60" W.F. WELLS MODEL X-6025-3 Standard Machine (#A3475) The W.F. Wells Model X-6025-3 is a rugged heavy-duty Horizontal Band Cutoff machine constructed of unitized steel frame construction and featuring precise control of the force applied to the blade, resulting in increased production rates and extended blade life. This machine is designed and built for increased production rates, utilizing the latest improvements in band saw blade technology. Hydraulic features such as automatic blade tension control, provides optimum sawing rates with minimum effort by the operator. The heavy-duty drive on the X-6025-3 is unique in that it is mounted on the upper part of the saw frame for maximum power to the blade and to ensure chips and coolant stay out of the working drive area. Heavy duty carbide block guides are designed with optimum blade control in mind. The carbides maintain rigid control for close tolerance. Infinitely variable blade speeds allow the versatility and efficiency of the band sawing process to cut a vast range of materials quickly and efficiently. Hydraulic powered rotary cleaning brush eliminates plugging and loading that could cause premature blade failure. Due to well conceived machine construction, all hydraulic and electrical components are easily accessible for ease of maintenance. W.F. Wells, Inc is unique in the U.S. machine tool industry in that it has continued to manufacture its products in the U.S.A. while so many others are importing what they sell. W.F. Wells, Inc provides bandsaws that handle the requirements of the metal cutting industry but also non-ferrous products such as glass, ceramics, graphite, crystals and wooden products. It is this versatility that has allowed us to expand in an ever-changing market.

Equipped With

Linear Rail Frame Traverse All Motors and Controls One High Speed Bi-Metal Blade Fused Disconnect Operator Manual/Parts List Console Controlled Blade Speed with Digital Indicator AC Vector Drive Hydraulic Powered Rotary Cleaning Brush Broken Blade Automatic Shutoff Hydraulic Blade Tension with indicator Work Height Controls Built-In Coolant System & Controls All Safety Guards and Door Switches Carbide Block Blade Guides Variable Blade Speed Twin Metering Valves for Dual Sawing Force Control Note 1: Saw blade descends to a height of 13” from top of saw bed to allow for customer provided fixture. Note 2: Saw is designed for a 2” blade but is currently set up for 1-1/4” blade. No charge to convert to 2” blade. Options Available for Above Machine: Modify Upright to Allow Saw Blade to Descend to Top of Table $7,850.00 - Changes Capacity to 60” high vs 50” Laser Shadow Line $2,900.00 Mist Coolant $2,900.00 Blade out of Square indicator $3,875.00 Price does not include shipping or installation.

Rect-Cap (H)60"
Rect-Cap (W)60"
Dimensions150” Wide x 72” Deep x 124” High
Weight8,500 lbs.

Capacity Rectangular @ 90° 50” High x 60” Wide Length of Cut Up to 25” Weight Capacity 20,000 lbs Blade Speed 75-500 SFPM Blade Size 1-1/4” x .042” x 26’-6” Blade Guide Carbide Blocks Blade Tension Hydraulic Bandwheel Size 26” Vise None Blade Drive 15 HP, 3ph, AC Vector Drive, 5” Gearbox Sawing Force 0-1,000 lbs Coolant Capacity 20 Gallons Hydraulic Capacity 20 Gallons Hydraulic Drive 5 HP Motor Saw Bed Height 16” Blade Tension Indicator Electronic Door Interlocks Free Standing Operator Control Station Work Support 62” Wide x 36” Deep Shipping Weight 8,500 lbs Electrics Wired to NFPA 79 Machine Tool Standards Dimensions 150” Wide x 72” Deep x 124” High

W.F. WELLS Horizontal Bandsaw Model X-SPECIAL Trim Saw 60' x 60" W.F. WELLS MODEL X-6025-3 Standard Machine (#A3475)

W.F. WELLS Horizontal Bandsaw Model X-SPECIAL Trim Saw 60' x 60" W.F. WELLS MODEL X-6025-3 Standard Machine (#A3475)
Horizontal Dual Column Band Saws