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BAYKAL APHS CNC HYDRAULIC PRESS BRAKE 132 TON X 10' WITH DELEM 66T The APHS Hydraulic Press Brake, the top of the line model of the servo hydraulic press brakes, is a multiple axis press brake providing a 2-D touchscreen graphical control. Press Brake options such as extra height, longer stroke, or even tandem, triplet and quad special designs are also available. Bending tonnage ranges from standard sizes of 44 to 660 ton, and up to 6000 tons. Bending length is 4 feet to 60 feet. The APHS provides you any machine specifications you may need for your job. Superior Experience of 69 Years. With a foundation history going back to early 1950s, Baykal today is placed as a leading manufacturer and global supplier of sheet metal working machinery specializing in the production of press brakes, shears, notchers, punching machines, laser cutting systems, plasma cutting machines, waterjet cutting and Vertical Machining Centers. For its manufacturing operations Baykal utilizes three factories which together combine a production area of 70,000 square meters, making it one of Europe’s largest facility for sheet metal working and fabricating machinery. The total workforce at Baykal is currently numbered at 650 employees and is composed of highly trained and qualified machine operators and assembly technicians supported by a staff of 80 engineers. All the machines offered by Baykal are designed, manufactured, assembled and finished wholly at Baykal’s purpose-built plants in a CAD environment with extensive use of CNC machining and modern workshop equipment. Baykal company is accredited for the ISO 9001 Certification issued by the German TÜV institution. Also, since 1995, Baykal has been building machines in conformity with the European CE regulations for safety, being the first Turkish machine-tool manufacturer certified eligible to bear the CE Mark on its products. In addition, all Baykal products are manufactured with the TSE and TSEK quality certificates issued by the Turkish Standards Institution. Since the last 40 years Baykal has progressed to become a major exporter of sheet metal working machines to the world markets with customers located in all the machine-tool consuming countries of the global geography from Americas to Australasia. Baykal is currently represented in over 100 countries worldwide through appointed dealers. In the base market of Turkey, Baykal sheet metal working machines have traditionally commanded a leading market share thanks to the company’s pioneering role in the development of Turkey’s machine industry and its never-lessening emphasis on quality and service. Here, with a long engineering experience behind, Baykal wishes to present itself as a quality-conscious, professional machine-building company serving the industry.

Equipped With

Standard: European-style top tool holders with wedges. Sectioned (gooseneck) punch and multi-vee die block. (all tooling precisely ground) Two-hand operation console with double foot-switch. Linear front-arm guides. Electrically-interlocked side and rear guards. Optional: Manual or power-driven (CNC) crowning tables. Top tool manual quick-release clamps. Hydraulic tool clamping systems. Special tooling for customer applications: Special-profile top and bottom tools. Single-vee dies with table adapters. Front light guards or front laser protection for enhanced safety . Benefits at a glance Rigidly welded, mono-block steel frame for minimum deflection under load. Down-stroking bending beam with two cylinders made from high-quality forged steel and precisely honed. Ram travel fully supported in low friction fiber slideways. Full electronic synchronization with proportional valve technology assuring maximum bend accuracy and repeatability through constant monitoring and correction of beam parallelism by a CNC system. Stroke-depth measurement through high-precision linear scales. CNC-controlled back-gauge on ballscrew spindles with DC drive. Block-type European hydraulics. Compactly-wired electrical box with ventilation. Full conformity with EC Machinery Directive for safety and certified CE marking. OPTIONS: Tandem Configuration Longer Stroke Extended Open Height Deeper Throat Depth Hydraulic Clamping CNC Crowning 2,4,5 or 6 Axis Backgauge Programmable Assist Arms AKAS Laser Safety System manual or motorized adjustment

Tonnage132 T
Overall Length122"
Between Housings100"
# Axis4
ControlCNC (Delem 66T 2D Color Controller)
Dimensions10'2"L x 63"W x 114"H
Weight18,480 lbs

Delem 66T multi-axis 2D graphical Touchscreen controller is standard (3D is optional) Full programmability of ram speeds, dwells, and positions Full ability to program up to 8 axis (Y1,Y2, X1, X2, R1, R2, Z1, Z2) USB interface for easy connection of external devices Real time Windows system for multi-tasking and file management Built in Error system and help texts to warn you of faulty programming DELEM 66T 2D CNC System Graphical control with full programming and machine control facilities in a user-friendly computer environment. Main features include: Programmable multi-axis control. Y1-Y2 cylinder axes. X1-X2-R1-R2-Z1-Z2 backgauge axes. CNC crowning axis. Modular expansion for additional axes. High memory capacity for program steps and tooling data . High number of product and bend repeat possibility . Direct graphical programming with automatic computation of all axis positions and bend sequence in full graphic simulation . Product programming with direct angle input or in absolute dimensions. For each CNC program and bend sequence, the programmable and/or computed functions include: bending length/thickness, material selection, tooling selection, bend method, mute position, pinching point, pres force/speed, incremental travel and retraction of backgauge,dwell time, delay time for axes re-positioning, decompression stroke/speed, tilt adjustment, cgorrections on Y and X axes. Manual operation of all axes. Teach-in on all axes. Operator selectable languages. Integrated diagnostic software. Memory storage on USB flashdisk. Backgauge Options Backgauge system with X-axes: Travel on ballscrew spindles DC-motor driven Two micrometric stop-fingers with height and lateral adjustment Range: 650 mm. Travel speed(max): 330 mm/s Positionung precision: +-0.03 mm Backgauge system with X-R axes: Travel on ballscrew spindles DC-motor driven Two micrometric stop-fingers with lateral adjustment Range X-axis: 650 mm R-axis: 160 mm Travel speed (max) X-axis : 350 mm/s R-axis : 240 mm/s Positioning precision X-axis : +- 0.03 mm R-axis : +- 0.05 mm (C) Additional back-gauge axes for special applications: X1-X2 R1-R2 Z1-Z2 Details of these special back-gauge systems are available on request.


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