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PEDRAZZOLI Bend Master 25 Electric Tube Bender, 8 axes, 25x2mm capacity edrazzoli Bend Master Series with electric axis control including clockwise and counter-clockwise bending during same cycle. Multi stack tooling design is capable of producing fixed or variable radius bends. Machine structure manufactured from high-grade steel. All components machined to exact standards with dimensions certified by measuring systems. Linear guide movements feature re-circulating ball spheres, brushless motors and rigid mechanical structure. Tool post strengthening tie rod included for greater precision.

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KEY FEATURES Clockwise and counter-clock wise bending Variable and multi-radius bending in the same cycle Compact bending head design accommodates most applications Intuitive IMS touchscreen control Electric axis for greater precision FANUC drive controllers for improved reliability Innovative tube stop allows positioning from rear of carriage (optional) Automatic adjustment of tools Boost for tight radius bending with synchronized control of axis Torque controlled positioning of carriage on incline tooth precision gear rack Controlled torque of clamp die and pressure die Automatic lubrication work piece Rapid coupling system for quick mandrel rod installation Safety light barriers with programmable work zone Central lubrication of guides and ball screws Integrated part handling options available

Capacity25 mm
ControlCNC (IMS Software)
Dimensions239"L x 25.4"W x 74.8"H
Weight5,260 lbs

CAPACITIES & SPECIFICATIONS Capacity: 1″ x .083 CW and CCW Bending: Yes Maximum CLR CW: 6″ Maximum CLR CW-CCW: 2.6″ Minimum Inside Radius with Standard Spindle: 1.18″ Variable Radius Bending: Yes Maximum Bend Angle: 190° Min. Distance Between Bends: 1.5-2 x Diameter Max. Distance Between Bends: NA Max. Stroke Clamp Die: 4″ Max. Stroke Mandrel: 6″ Section Modulus cm³: 0.77 Horizontal Head Travel: 17.7″ Vertical Head Travel: 10.6″ Number of Bend Heads: 1 Punching: Not Available Electrically Controlled Axes: 8 Drive Controllers: FANUC Precision of Electric Axis: + or – .05 mm Carriage Speed: 65″ / sec Bend Arm Speed: 222° / sec Tube Rotation Speed: 877° / sec Central Clamp Rotation: NA Maximum Tool Stacks: 3+ Software: IMS Webcam: Yes Max. Tube Length on Front Stop: 120″ Max. Tube Length on Rear Stop: 176″ Machine Dimensions: 240″ x 65″ x 75″ Height of Work Plane: 45″ Weight: 5,300 lbs Power: 480V 16kw Hydraulic Reservoir: Full Electric

PEDRAZZOLI Bend Master 25 Electric Tube Bender, 8 axes, 25x2mm capacity

PEDRAZZOLI Bend Master 25 Electric Tube Bender, 8 axes, 25x2mm capacity
Pipe, Tube & Bar Benders