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PEDRAZZOLI Electro-Hydraulic End Forming Model STERN BROWN 25 1.375" dia. DESCRIPTION All Stern Brown end formers are equipped with Pedrazzoli IMS (Intelligent Motion Software) developed for controlling end forming operations. Software allows operator to visualize part, create, copy and execute program via touchscreen. Remote design, and download from network available on request. Program single or multiple tool stations and working sequence. Manual movement page enables on screen selection of tooling, jogging with variable speed control, ideal for setup and prototype work. Control memory stored up to 10,000 programs.

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KEY FEATURES Three axis with digital absolute brushless motors control tooling rotation, turret rotation, and tooling advance Working motion driven with ball screw and bearing designed for heavy loads Linear forming and machining with Hydraulic movement Up to fifteen work tooling stations All tooling stations are capable of rotation for 360° end forming Tool stations rotate to machine center for greatest efficiency and faster tool changes Vise feature manual opening lever for pre-clamping of various part shapes Clamping units designed to work in tandem or independently Webcam for remote assistance User-friendly IMS software Requires minimum floor space

ControlCNC (IMS Software)
Dimensions95″L x 58″W x 67″H
Weight4,000 lbs

CAPACITIES & SPECIFICATIONS Maximum Diameter: 1.375″ Maximum Wall Thickness: .118″ Maximum End Form Depth: 5.9″ Electrically Controlled Axes: 3 Powered Tool Stations: 15 End Form Speed: 5.5″/sec Positioning Precision: .05 mm Working Thrust: 80 kN Tool Disk Rotation Torque: 12 Nm Vise Clamp Force: 5,388 kg Clamp Holding Force: 120 kN Jaw Length: 4.25″ Maximum Jaw Open: 2.12″ Maximum Work Unit Travel: 7″ Standard Tool Block Dimension: 7.7″ Software: IMS Webcam: Yes Machine Dimensions: 95″ x 58″ x 67″ Weight: 4,000 lbs Power: 480V 16.5kw Hydraulic Reservoir: 30 gallons

PEDRAZZOLI Electro-Hydraulic End Forming Model STERN BROWN 25 1.375" dia.

PEDRAZZOLI Electro-Hydraulic End Forming Model STERN BROWN 25 1.375" dia.
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