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Circular Cold Saws
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PEDRAZZOLI Model MCL 120 IMS Circ. Cold Saw-Auto Cutting Line, 7 axes, 125mm capacity The story of Pedrazzoli IBP TOWARDS THE END OF THE 1940S, THERE WAS A GROWING DEMAND FOR MACHINE TOOLS TO MEET THE NEW FASHION FOR METAL FURNITURE. It was 1948 and in this climate of ferment the brothers Walter and Baldassarre Pedrazzoli from Bassano founded the mechanical workshop IBP, Industria Brevetti Pedrazzoli. The strong inventiveness and the great ability in preparing tools to reduce processing times made the brothers and their company known locally and this is how the first manual and motorized Universal tube benders were born, the Jariston tube benders (the only ones of the time destined for furniture tubes) and the Brown cut-off saws, a brand that for decades was synonymous with cutting. In the 1960s, the large factory was inaugurated in the heart of Bassano del Grappa and the international turning point took place in the wake of the Italian economic boom: fundamental and lasting business and partnership relations began, while Pedrazzoli machines spread throughout the world.70s and 80s saw the birth of automated cutting processes and electronics helped the development of more modern solutions capable of guaranteeing ever greater speed and precision. Over time IBP implements the functions of the machines and brings the programming of work cycles to maximum simplicity. Pedrazzoli have been acquired in 2018 by the well know group CML international SpA which have been operating in the market since 1973 to supply the best machines for tube and metal profile processing with the brand of Ercolina. All CNC machines from Pedrazzoli are designed to perform at high productivity and to reduce the downtime, meanwhile the quality of metal deformation is always at the top. The state of art of machine tool work centers and the quality control during the production cycle are provided by CML International to guarantee competitiveness and reliability of our product range.

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HIGH AUTOMATION FOR HIGH PERFORMANCE > 7 controlled axes: constant repeatability and precision over time > Fully automatic production changeover: set-up times reduced to zero > Up to 3 different cutting lengths and 3 different unloading positions > High productivity > The wide range of configurations and accessories available makes it customizable to all requirements and needs > Helical gear cutting head and double clamping cylinder: it ensures long-lasting blades, as well as precision and perpendicularity > Electrical motor-driven blade feed and rotation ensure great cutting in all its stages (entry, intermediate, exit): excellent results in terms of time, cutting quality, and blade life > Motor-driven length stopper for automatic positioning > The peculiar layout of rollers and jaws is designed to perfectly clamp tubes > High performance when cutting both tubes with high resistance and tubes with delicate surface and reduced wall thickness > It may also integrate automatic deburring, washing, and collecting units > Technological database with cutting parameters for the operator > Available tube discharge length 3.000 mm or 4.500 mm (other lengths available upon request)

ControlCNC (IMS 4 Touch Screen)
Dimensions98.4"W x 444.3"L x 71"H

DIMENSIONS > 98.4"W x 444.3"L x 71"H HEIGHT WORKING PLANE > 40.94" WEIGHT > 9,265 lbs IMS4 > The IMS.4 control, created by our SW developers, allows control and monitoring of all executable functions, represented in graphic form. Pedrazzoli’s Touch Screen visual programming system is particularly intuitive and easy to learn.

PEDRAZZOLI Model MCL 120 IMS Circ. Cold Saw-Auto Cutting Line, 7 axes, 125mm capacity

PEDRAZZOLI Model MCL 120 IMS Circ. Cold Saw-Auto Cutting Line, 7 axes, 125mm capacity
Circular Cold Saws