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DCM 1050
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DAITO 3 spindle Drilling, Coping Plasma Machine with Marking Model DCM 1050 for structural steel. 40" x 20" Capacity Conventional structural steel processing automation includes DRILLING / BANDSAWING / COPING machines, plus all the material handling facilities such as conveyors / suppliers and operators. The all new DCM1050 'Multi-Tasking' machine streamlines all the above into one machine and one operator The worlds first true do it all-in-one structural steel processing machine Features 3 x Drilling Spindles. Robotic Plasma Cutting. Milling, Tapping and Countersinking. High-speed Layout Marking. Cut any Shape / Connection on any Profile. Eliminate material handling. Material Loading and Unloading. Small footprint saves valuable workshop space. This is the future of structural steel processing!

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Daito's Drilling Coping machine DCM1050 is a multi-tasking machine combining a CNC Drill (with 3 spindles), a CNC Robotic Coper for standard or complicated plasma cuts, and a marking machine for part number marking and welding/ layout marking. Each drill has an automatic tool changer to cover tapping, milling, chamfering holes and boring blind holes. The wide range of functions make the DCM the most versatile machine for non-repetitive structural steel processing. Daito DCM, the machine of the future Daito DCM-1050 Main Benefits SAVES SPACE: DCM requires 60% less workshop space, compared to typical drill, saw and cope line. LESS OPERATORS: DCM only requires 1 person to operate the machine. they can ever load and unload material. LOWER INVESTMENT: It’s simple, you only need to buy 1 machine instead of 3! plus you buy less roller tables and less transfer carts, etc. ELIMINATE MATERIAL HANDLING: No need to transfer or lift material from one machine to the next to get a finished part. INCREASED PRODUCTIVITY: Completing the part in one machine eliminates idle time and increases productivity by 40%!

Power22 hp
RPM3,000 RPM
Weight28,6000 lbs

Max Capacity Width x Height 41.3" x 19.69" Min Capacity Width x Height 2.9" x 0.35" No.of Drilling Spindles 3 Drill Heads (upper,left,right) Drill Size 1/4" to 2" Drill Speed 0-3,000 rpm (Eco) 5,000rpm Max Robot Travel X/Y/Z 27.56"/39.37"/19.69" Auto Tool Change ATC Top Spindle x 8 - Side spindles x 7 Main Work Feeder Pinch Roller, 94 fpm Max Indexable Weight 17,600 lbs Roller Feed Feeding Speed Max. 1.97"/min Index Vice Clamping Force Max 2,000kgf Main Vice Hydraulic Clamping Force 1200 kgf Motors Spindle 11HP, Plasma 94HP, Robot 2.7HP Spindle Temperature Regulator 5.7HP, Hydraulic 7.4HP, Others 22HP Power Consumption 250 Amps (AC 208V) Bed Height 31.50" Net Weight 28,600 lbs PLASMA HYPERTHERM XPR-300 (VMI) 300A Max Thickness/Piercing 3.15"/1.97" (Hypertherm Spec) POWER Plasma HYPERTHERM XPR-300 71.43 KVA Machine Transformer 90 KVA AIR & GAS Air Machine 118 slpm O2 (oxygen) 70.83 slpm Ar (argon) 118 slpm N2 (nitrogen) 180.83 slpm

DAITO 3 Spindle Drilling, Coping Plasma Machine with Marking Model DCM 1050 for structural steel 40" x 20" Capacity

DAITO 3 Spindle Drilling, Coping Plasma Machine with Marking Model DCM 1050 for structural steel 40" x 20" Capacity
Beam / Drill Lines