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PEDRAZZOLI BEND MASTER 45 10 Axis Electrically Controlled - Electric Tube Bender Completely electric tube bender with IMS Numeric control and 10 controlled axes, for multi-radius bending in fixed radius and variable radius on tubes up to max OD 45 x 3 mm in steel R= 400 N/mm 2 section modulus W 3900mm3. Bending in clockwise and counter-clockwise direction. Additional functional features:  Synchronized control of the electric axis  control of the torque and position of counterdie and slide  Control of thrust on the mobile slide  Programmable thrust on carriage during fixed and variable radius bends, ensuring very short straight segments, evident improvement of bend quality and greater simplicity of required tool sets  Control of early mandrel extraction and of relative position to make tooling change faster and the discharge of bent part easier.  Programmable multi-level tool sets  Automatic change of tooling level  Automatic change of bend radius  Bending with different radii in same work cycle  Bending with fixed radius and variable radius in same work cycle  Bends in clockwise & counter-clockwise direction.  Tube punching (see options)

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The main innovations and strong points of this model are as follows:  Design of the head with particularly compact dimensions: only 170 mm height, the smallest on the market in its category with a wide area under the head completely free from encumbrances (conduits, cables, mechanical parts). This means machine can make complete components with more ease and less collisions  Long vertical head stroke , to allow use of multi-level tools of particular complexity.  Machine is completely electric, including the opening/closing of the counter die and slide; no manual adjustment of tooling is required which guarantees an elevated repeatability, constancy in adjustments and constant performance.  Elevated axis speed; cycle time is particularly short (3,5 secs per bend on average) to ensure high productivity and flexibility.  Safety barriers: New guards covering all the rear part of machine and choice of laser cell for protection on front or optic barriers. No safety fences are required round the machine. This means a consistent saving of floor space on rear of machine, while front safety area can be freely personalized according to the dimensions of the parts to be produced.  Positioning carriage: characterized by a high thrust, with inclined tooth precision rack, featuring an innovative system of mobile tube stop. It allows one to position the tube both from front of carriage and from rear which guarantees an efficacious thrust on the tube even when working with step by step feeding cycle.  Mandrel extraction carriage: the rods are fixed to a carriage which used the same guides and rack of the main carriage: the advantages are freely programmable strokes, reduced length mandrel rods.

ControlCNC (FANUC 31 iA/IMS 4)
Weight6,820 lbs

Technical Specifications Bend Capacity ( R=400 N/mm2 ) 45x3 mm Length from bend die center to collet end 3005 mm Length from bend die center –carriage back stop 4665 mm Slide thrust stroke (useful length) AX6 380 mm (195mm) Counter die jaw max stroke AX4 110 mm Slide closing max stroke AX5 440+440mm Vertical head stroke AX8 290 mm Horizontal head stroke AX7 180mm - 180mm Max angle 190°Dx 190°Sx Precision in positioning of linear axes ±0.05 mm Precision in positioning of rotating axes ±0.05 ° Max speed of X axis AX1 926mm/sec Max speed of Y axis (Bend) AX2 202,5 °/sec Max speed of Z axis (Rotation ) AX3 600 °/sec Maximum bend radius (fixed radius) 150mm Total installed power 22KW Weight 3100 kg

PEDRAZZOLI BEND MASTER 45 10 Axis Electrically Controlled - Electric Tube Bender

PEDRAZZOLI BEND MASTER 45 10 Axis Electrically Controlled - Electric Tube Bender
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