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Gantry Machining Centers (incld. Bridge & Double Column)
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BRETON HAWX Overhead Gantry High Speed Vertical Machining Center HIGH-DYNAMIC 5-AXIS MONOBLOCK GANTRY VERTICAL MACHINING CENTRE. THE RIGHT COMBINATION OF STRENGTH AND STABILITY MAKES IT IDEAL FOR HIGH-SPEED MILLING AND TRIMMING OPERATIONS ON COMPLEX THREE-DIMENSIONAL SHAPED PARTS MADE OF LIGHT ALLOY, RESIN OR COMPOSITE MATERIALS. HORNET, ORTHOGONAL HEAD WITH UNIQUE DESIGN Simulation tools and careful design have made it possible to have a double offset of the A-axis with respect to the center of the RAM, while maintaining the highest level of rigidity and precision. Hornet allows wider parts to be machined with the same X and Y linear travels, whether the tool is in a vertical position or with the A-axis at 90°. Wide A-axis rotation (-105° +135°) enables undercut machining, reducing the need to reposition the part, which increases accuracy and eliminates the need for a second setup.

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Thanks to its optimized design, Breton Hawx is not only more rigid and stable, also it provides an excellent footprint-working area ratio. It can be easily integrated into any workshop, as it is delivered already assembled and tested; it does not require special foundations and has very short commissioning times. The electro-welded, monolithic, self-supporting structure is the core of the machine, providing strength and allowing an easy handling. The unique box-in-box architecture provides a significant increase in the rigidity of the bridge-carriage-RAM assembly and it combines with the high strength of the new Hornet head to achieve a significant increase in material removal and accuracy, all with the highest dynamics. The innovative offset geometry of the head also makes it possible to increase the volume that can be machined and to minimise the external dimensions of the machine, while ensuring better accessibility to the workpiece.

BRETON HAWX Overhead Gantry High Speed Vertical Machining Center
Gantry Machining Centers (incld. Bridge & Double Column)