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Beam / Drill Lines
DCM 1000
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DAITO Multi-Tasking Drilling, Coping, & Marking Machine Model DCM 1000 Daito is the world’s leading producer of CNC drills and saws for the structural steel fabrication industry and as such they are known for their innovative engineering and unrelenting commitment to quality. Now, Daito is proud to introduce their all-New CNC Drilling Coping Marking machine model DCM. This state-of-the-art drill and robot combined offers sophisticated controls, 3 drill spindles and 1 six axis robotic arm. Software that allows you to download to the machine from most detailing programs is also included.

Equipped With

Ability to: ✓ Drill High Quality Bolt Holes ✓ Cut To Length ✓ Cut Slots ✓ Cut any Size hole / Circles ✓ Cut Notches ✓ Cut any Size Miter ✓ Cut and type of Cope ✓ Block Cuts ✓ Bevel / Weld Preps ✓ Scribe Mark Layout Positions ✓ Cut almost any shape ✓ Cut almost any combination

RPM5,000 RPM
ControlCNC (Hypertherm XPR300/DAITO DIS2)

Model DCM 1000 Max. Capacity Width 40.25” Height 19.60” Thickness 2” Machine Number of Drill Spindles 3 Drill heads (upper, left and right) Drill Speed 0 – 5,000 rpm Infinitely variable and controlled by AC inverter Robot Travel X / Y / Z 27.5”/39.25”/17” Max. Length No Limitation Automatic Tool Change (ATC) Top Spindle x 8 – Side Spindles x 7 Plasma HYPERTHERM XPR-300 300A Max. Thickness/Piercing 3.0” / 2.0” (1.75”) (Hypertherm Spec) Min. hole Dia.=1.5 x t Overall Dimensions Bed Height 31.5” Width / Depth / Height T.B.C Net Weight 28,000lbs Material Feed Roller Feed Feeding Speed 100ft/min Clamping force 8,700 ft/lbs Feed Bar Feeding Speed 50ft/min Max. Web thickness 1.15” Material Holding Front Vise Hydraulic Clamping force 7,300 ft/lbs Max. Min. Open 41.3” x 2.55” Vise Height 12.6” Power TBD Plasma HYPERTHERM XPR-300 T.B.C. 52 KVA (check with your electrician) Machine Transformer TBA * Line System Transformer ** depends on layout ** * Dust / Fume Collector ** depends on size of unit ** Air and Gas Air Machine 0.8MPa 7080l/h Dust Collector 0.65MPa (* approx.) Oxygen Machine 0.8MPa 4250l/h Argon Machine 0.8Mpa 4250l/h

DAITO Multi-Tasking Drilling, Coping, & Marking Machine Model DCM 1000

DAITO Multi-Tasking Drilling, Coping, & Marking Machine Model DCM 1000
Beam / Drill Lines