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Reciprocating Surface Grinders
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SHARP PRECISION 8" X 20" Automatic Surface Grinder Model SG-820-2A 8” x 20” Table, 9.25” x 23.6” Travel Automatic Cross-feed Accurate Slot-Grinding Capability Hydraulic System for Table Travel 2 HP Spindle Motor – 3,420 rpm Double “V” Way Cross Travel One “V” One Flat Way Longitudinal Travel Hand Scraped and Turcite B Coated Way Floor Space: 83"W x 59"H x 78"L Net Weight: 2,540 lbs. Includes: Grinding Wheel, Splash Guard, Auto Lube System, Wheel Adapter/Flange, Wheel Balancing Arbor, Work Light, Diamond Dresser, Programmable Microprocessor

Equipped With

Standard Equipment: Grinding Wheel (8” x 0.75” x 1.25”) KANETSU Electro-Magnetic Chuck with Control Auto Lube System Coolant System with Paper Filter (25 Gal.) & Splash Guard Wheel Adapter/Flange Work Light Wheel Balancing Arbor Diamond Dresser Wired 220V or 440V. Please specify Tool Kit includes: Machine Manual, Half Nut Wrench, Wrench 17m, 19m, Set of 6 Allen wrenches, Phillip screw driver, oil can, Grease Gun, Rear way cover bracket, Pin for indicator, Can of paint OPTIONAL ACCESSORIES: 8” x 20” Kanetsu Electro-Magnetic Chuck (Fine Pole) with Control( factory order) KESL-2050/KT-115 $ 3,845.00 8” x 20” Walker Electro-Magnetic Chuck (Fine Pole) with Control LBP-820 $ 5,580.00 *** ALL MAGNETIC CHUCKS INCLUDE FREE INSTALLATION *** Extra Wheel Adapter (Flange) SG-08 $ 290.00 “Overhead” Manual Parallel Dresser SG-05 $ 1,170.00 Balance Stand BS-SG/SP $ 350.00 Dust Collector DC $ 1,515.00 Coolant System w/Magnetic Separator & Paper Filter (25 Gal) 220V/440V CS&PF&MS $3,500.00 Coolant System w/Magnetic Separator & Paper Filter (25 Gal) 380V (for International use) MCA40/PF $3,500.00 US/CSA components upgrade $1,300.00 DIGITAL READOUT SYSTEMS: Fagor 20i D.R.O. FG-SG820 $3,000.00 Fagor 40i D.R.O. FG-40i-SG820 $3,880.00 Acu-Rite 200S D.R.O. AR-SG820 $3,365.00 Newall DP700 D.R.O. NW-SG820 $3,040.00 Factory Installation – D.R.O. NET $ 660.00

Spindle (Horz/Vert)Horz
Power2 hp
Grinding Wheel Width0.5"
Grinding Wheel Dia.8"
Dimensions83"W x 59"H x 78"L
Weight2,540 lbs

Capacity Max. Grinding Length 21.7" Max. Grinding Width 8.7" Max. Distance-Table to Spindle Center 15.7 Table Working Surface W x L 8" x 20" Max. Longitudinal Travel 23.6" Max. Cross Travel 9.25" Feed Longitudinal Movement of Table Hydraulic Feed 3.3 - 82 ipm Hand Feed per revolution 2.7" Cross Movement of Saddle Intermittent Feed 0.0006 - 0.4" ipm Continuous Traverse Feed 47 ipm Hand Feed per revolution 0.2" Graduation of Hand Wheel 0.0005" Vertical Movement of Wheel Hand Hand Feed per revolution 0.05" Graduation of Hand Wheel 0.0001" Rapid Feed 1.1 - 11.8 ipm Spindle and Wheel Spindle Motor 2 HP Spindle Speed 3,420 RPM Grinding Wheel Outside Diameter 8" Grinding Wheel Bore 1.25" Grinding Wheel Width 0.5"

SHARP PRECISION 8" X 20" Automatic Surface Grinder Model SG-820-2A

SHARP PRECISION 8" X 20" Automatic Surface Grinder Model SG-820-2A
Reciprocating Surface Grinders