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KNUTH ACE LASER 3015, 3,000 watt IPG laser, PRECITEC Light Cutter 2.0 head, machine has 2 year warranty This state-of-the-art laser cutting system features a gantry-style construction with drives on both sides and a large working area of 3000 x 1500mm up to 6000 mm x 2000 mm that can accommodate most of the common plate sizes The Y axis portal features an aluminum die-cast construction with low weight and high rigidity for excellent dynamics Thermal treatment of the meticulously welded machine frame and all structural parts reliably eliminates production-related material stresses – ensuring long-lasting, precise alignment of all components. This ensures long-term and reproducible cutting edge accuracy and long machine life The precision HIWIN linear guides require minimal maintenance and are designed for long-lasting precision and high cutting speeds High-precision rack-and-pinion gears on the Z and Y axis ensure superior and reliable positioning accuracy Powerful Schneider servo-motors on all axes with KAI HE (Taiwanese) helical rack & pinon drive For the safety of people and the environment, the cutting system is equipped with a machine housing and filter extraction system. Special protective glass windows make it possible to observe the cutting process An automatic shuttle table system minimizes production downtimes, since the table can be loaded and unloaded during the cutting process Perpendicularity or squareness tolerance for laser cutting acc. to DIN EN ISO 9013-1 Control Easy operation with user-friendly optimized interface A technology database includes cutting parameters and pre-set cycles for various metals The efficient processing of all cutting jobs is further supported by user-friendly software for the selection of process parameters Solenoid and proportional valves regulate the gas pressures (set in the control) during the cutting process Cutting head High-quality cutter head made by Precitec Model Light Cutter 2.0 with motorized focus position adjustment, integrated collision guard, and level control Maintenance-free beam guide is provided by a flexible fiberoptic cable and ensures a long tool life Laser Sources The fiber laser source provides 1000 to 6000 W beam power, is made by the renowned manufacturer, IPG YLR-MM, and ensures maximum cut quality and productivity The maintenance-free laser source reduces maintenance and operating cost Established in 1923, KNUTH is a leading, international machine tool supplier in the manufacturing industry, with a global presence in over 30 countries. Today the family-owned business is run by the 4th generation of the Knuth family, Karsten Knuth along with his sons, Philip and Kristian Knuth. The company headquarters are located in Germany. The impressive 172,000 sq/ft showroom stocks a wide portfolio of machines including CNC and conventional milling machines, lathes and grinding machines as well as sheet metal machines which allow customers to engage with our qualified technicians to find smart solutions for their business. Our mission is to provide the highest levels of customer service with the best price-performance ratio to help our customers deliver outstanding results.

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Complete system with Lenovo windows based CNC-control (CypCut) nesting and cutting software, include drawing importing, editing, nesting, real time control industry standard IPG YLR-MM diode-pumped CW fibre optic laser source high-pressure cutting head by PRECITEC Light Cutter 2.0 Motorized; focal position up to 23mm TEKA ECOTUBE dust collector and filtration system automatic focus position adjustment Y-axis bridge made of aerospace die-cast aluminum two cameras for real time monitoring laser protection booth automatic changing table system taking 15 seconds automatic gas console that adjust and maintains gas pressure when cutting with oxygen automatic central lubrication mounted behind the bridge coolant return cooler with automatic temperature adjustment voltage stabilizer Optional Accessories: pipe cutting system for up to 3 meters length (must be ordered with machine) laser head starting set for stainless steel and aluminum laser head starting set for mild steel CAD/CAM software (CypCut) operating manual and programming instructions

Wattage3000 w
IPM3937 ipm
ControlCNC (KNUTH CNC w/ CypCut software)
Dimensions9,8 m x 3,7 m x 2,15 m
Weight17,600 lbs

WORKING AREA Table dimensions 3000 mm x 1500 mm Workpiece weight (max.) 1000 kg Axis acceleration X- / Y-axis 10 m/s² Axis acceleration Z axis 5 m/s² TRAVELS Travel X-axis 1520 mm Travel Y-axis 3050 mm Travel Z-axis 100 mm RAPID FEED X-axis rapid feed 100 m/min Y-axis rapid feed 100 m/min Change time at cutting table 10 sec - 15 sec ACCURACIES Positioning accuracy 0,03 mm/m Repeatability 0,02 mm/m LASER Fiber laser 3,000 W Shaft length 1,08 ± 10% µm Beam power max. 3,000 W Pulse frequency 50~5k Hz Power consumption 12 kW Supply voltage AC 380V ± 10%, 50/60Hz, 3xL+N Cutting capacity in structural steel 18 mm Cutting capacity in stainless steel 6 mm Cutting capacity in aluminum 5 mm DRIVE CAPACITY Machine drive capacity X-axis 1 kW Machine drive capacity Y-axis 1,5 kW Machine drive capacity Z-axis 0,4 kW MEASURES AND WEIGHTS Overall dimensions (L x W x H) 9,8 m x 3,7 m x 2,15 m Weight 8000 kg

KNUTH ACE LASER 3015, 3,000 watt IPG laser, PRECITEC Light Cutter 2.0 head, machine has 2 year warranty

KNUTH ACE LASER 3015, 3,000 watt IPG laser, PRECITEC Light Cutter 2.0 head, machine has 2 year warranty
Laser Cutters