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FRD 1700
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ACRA Radial Arm Drill, Steel Drilling Capacity 2-1/8" - FRD-1700 Made in Taiwan • Machine Casting is made with FC-30 cast-iron. • Each Spindle transmission is installed to ensure complete protection. • Precise and easy to operate. • Independent security system control designed for the electrical supply system. • Built with a worm gear and has a shaft designed for the transmissible system. Energy-saving and durable. Roller Bearing At Basement Is Built Round A Double Column Provides Max. Rigidity And Accuracy Protection Design For Limitary Safety Is Utilized In Every Transmission Section Separate Speed Operation On Locking Installation Easy And Convenient To Operate. Excellent & Exact Precision Opening Model On Precision Heavy Duty Installation. Easy To Save And Repair. 12 Speed Gear Box With More Function. Standard Coolant System, Tool Box, And Box Table

Equipped With

Standard Equipment: • Coolant System • Box Table • Work Light • Emergency Stop • Toolbox • Manual & Parts List

Arm Length4'
Column Dia.13.219"
Power7.5 hp
RPM1,300 RPM
Dimensions113" × 48" × 101"
Weight7,160 LBS.

Specifications: Drilling Capacity Steel: 2-1/8″ Drilling Capacity Cast Iron: 2-1/2” Tapping Capacity Steel: 1-15/16” Tapping Capacity Cast Iron: 2-3/8” Boring Capacity Steel: 7.3” Boring Capacity Cast Iron: 9.8” Spindle Diameter: 3-1/16″ Spindle Stroke: 9-7/8” Spindle Taper: MT#5 Spindle Speeds (12): 25-1,300 RPM Spindle Feeds: 0.002-0.012 IPR Column Diameter: 13-7/32″ Spindle to Column Center: 15.7” ~ 66.9” Base to Spindle: 10.2” ~ 55.9” Horizontal Travel of Headstock: 51.5” Spindle Drive Motor: 7.5 HP Arm Elevation Motor: 2 HP Coolant Pump Motor: 1/8 HP Hydraulic Motor: 1 HP Voltage: 230/460V AC~3 Phase (2 Speed) Weight 7,200 lbs Dimensions 113 × 48 × 101 in

ACRA Radial Arm Drill, Steel Drilling Capacity 2-1/8" - FRD-1700

ACRA Radial Arm Drill, Steel Drilling Capacity 2-1/8" - FRD-1700
Radial Drills