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BAYKAL Hydraulic Press Brake Model APHS COMPACT 4106 x 160 (175-Ton x 13’5”) Standard features: Installation and start-up training One-year parts and labor warranty X axis back gauge, with four back gauge fingers ESA 640 controller One seat of offline programming software Mechanical crowning system Safety interlocked side and rear doors Four front support arms on linear guides The APHS COMPACT is manufactured by Baykal, an ISO 9001 manufacture in an ultra modern state of the art manufacturing facility. These machines go through an extensive manufacturing process, using the latest technology. In addition, Baykal uses the highest quality material available, the frame members processed out of certified ST44-2 steel, roll straightened, and stress relieved prior to any welding. This assures our components are of the highest quality and that machined tolerances remain stable throughout the life of the machine. All the Baykal machines are machined in one handling on large bridge style CNC mills to assure exact tolerances.

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STANDARD FEATURES ✓ Welded, monoblock steel frame for minimum deflection under load ✓ Y1 / Y2 Dual cylinder down stroking machine with +/- .0004” repeatability ✓ One-piece forged cylinders precision machined and honed for high accuracy ✓ Cylinders are keyed interlocked and bolted to side frame for zero backlash ✓ Bed referenced, precision linear GVI Misure scales assure accurate ram position measurement with repeatability of +/- .0004” ✓ Cartridge valves are mounted in a single, steel manifold block to reduce heat and wear. The simplicity and reduction of pipe connections minimize leaks ✓ Full flow, full pressure in-line filter attached to pump ensures optimum oil cleanliness and trouble-free operation of all hydraulic components ✓ Electrically interlocked, swing away throat guards with space for mounting most brands of safety light guards (see options for light curtain selections) ✓ Electrically interlocked, rear sliding door prevents access to back area ✓ The standard punch holder is a universal American / European top tool holder with side-to-side adjustable wedges. American style clamping bars are available at no charge in lieu of the universal clamp ✓ Wired electrical box with ventilation ✓ Standard controller is the ESA S640 ✓ 39-inch AC Servo driven back gauge with four heavy duty finger assemblies ✓ Baykal Mechanical crowning system ✓ Y1, Y2, X for a 3 Axis system ✓ Four front support arms, mounted on a linear guide, running the entire bed length. A hand wheel driven acme screw running thru a brass nut, provides lateral adjustment. Flip stops (2) are provided for front gauging ✓ Dual palm buttons mounted on stand with dual foot pedals & “E” stop CNC CONTROL SYSTEM The ESA S 640 Touchscreen CNC servo control is a pendant mounted control that is user friendly and easily visible with its large 15” display. The fill in the blank format makes even the most inexperienced operator proficient in a matter of hours. This control is a multi-axis (up to 6 axis), 2D color display with graphical features. Some ESA S640 key features are as follows:  15.6” TFT LCD display with 1366x768 WSVGA resolution, glare protection  Automatic calculation of the bending force limitation based on the max. load capacity of the tools.  Automatic calculation of the crowning  Automatic calculation of the bending radius curvature for large bend radii  Programmable workpiece counter  Switch between inch / mm  Windows like user interface  Network connection / remote maintenance  2X RS-232  1X Ethernet 10/100 Mbit network connection  1X CANopen  2X USB 2.0  Free seat of offline programming software for Windows  Complete bending simulation BACK GAUGE SYSTEM Manufactured out of heavy section, tubular steel, the APHS COMPACT series of machines come equipped with an exceptional quality, X axis back gauge. The dual, back gauge drives are mounted directly to the side frames for rigid stability and are driven by high torque, AC servo motors. A geared belt provides a smooth, quiet transmission of power to each of the (2) two precision ball screws. Four heavy-duty flip finger assembly’s ride smoothly along the gauge bar via a precision, linear bearing. Vertical, up/down finger movement is accomplished manually. Micro adjustment (in/out.) of each finger is also provided. Specification as follows: X Axis (CNC) R Axis (Manual) Range 39.3 inches 6.3 inches Speed of travel in X 779”/min Positioning accuracy +/- .001” Options to consider Baykal CNC Crowning Device $12,350 Flat filler block $5,800 Standard tooling package (block die and gooseneck punch) $15,700 Quick release clamping (European style tools only) $1,400 Extra finger stop for X axis back gauge $1,100 X and R Axis back gauge in lieu of standard X only $10,900 Extra finger stop for X and R axis back gauge $1,500 AKAS Operator safety system (manual adjustment) $8,100 AKAS Operator safety system (motorized adjustment) $15,700

Tonnage175 T
Overall Length13.12'
Between Housings11.7'
# Axis4
ControlCNC (ESA S640)
Dimensions200"L X 63"W X 114"H
Weight26,400 LBS.

Specification: Inch Metric Bending capacity (tons) 175 160 Overall bed length 13’5” 4100 mm Distance between housings 11’7” 3550 mm Open Height above bed 20.8” 530 mm Stroke length 10.2" 260 mm Closed height 10.6" 270 mm Operating speeds Advanced: 401 “/min 170 mm/sec. Pressing (variable): 24 “/min. 10 mm/sec. Return: 283 “/min. 120 mm/sec. Throat depth 16" 410 mm Bed height above floor 35" 890 mm Bed projection below floor 0" 0 mm Motor 20 HP 15 KW Oil tank capacity 54 Gals 210 Liters SHIPPING DIMENSIONS: Inch Metric Height: 114" 2905 mm Left to right: 200" 5080 mm front to back: 63” 1600 mm Weight: 26,400 lbs. 12,000 kg.

BAYKAL Hydraulic Press Brake Model APHS COMPACT 4106 x 160 (175-Ton x 13’5”)

BAYKAL Hydraulic Press Brake Model APHS COMPACT 4106 x 160 (175-Ton x 13’5”)
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