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MECO MEC 100 PREMIUM CNC keyseater, 25.59" part height with 40" dia capacity Maximum productivity for large slotting machines A MECO broaching machine for high production of large parts, allowing our customers to work with any type of slotting. The MEC 100 PREMIUM CNC is capable of working with a max height of 25.6" and keyway width from 3 to 4". The CNC feed allows the machine to perform straight, conical or blind hole keyseating in addition to splines, both inside and outside. It includes a 3CV servomotor and electrical safety equipment, in addition to our automatic system for bringing in the cutting edge to the work start point, adjusting the path and the separation between part and tool. To stand out from the competition, at MECO we have chosen to fit our keyseating machines with a large work bench that, in this case, means you can work with parts up to approximately 40" in diameter. In addition, the CNC technology control acts on the machine's main motor and the motor for displacing the actual work bench that can all be controlled from its tactile screen. Finally, we should mention the automated separation system for the tool that provides a perfect finish on the parts and also extends the lifespan of our keyseating machines. Main characteristics: a. Vertical stroke adjustable from 0 to 25.59" directly with the touch screen. b. Keyway width from 1/8" to 4.53" according to current regulations (or other dimensions under request). c. Working table with room for samples up to 39.37" diameter (approx), equipped with an Automatic dividing plate for executing multiple keyways in samples (multi slots, gears, external slots…). Includes: servo-engine controlled from the touch screen, electronic equipment by CPU. Total range of division: 360º. d. 2 HP-Servo-engine with the electrical security equipment. e. Automatic system by means of servo-engine equipment for: approximation of the tool to the sample (initial working point) and adjust of the stroke and separation of the tool from the sample each time working cycle begins. Adjustable from 0 to o.059". g. CNC control for the main servo and for the working table. CNC advantages: i. Conical keyways mechanization in blind holes or through samples (with the appropriate software). ii. Regulation of the vertical stroke. iii. Vertical stroke adjust tolerance of +/-0.0020". iv. Regulation of the main stem working speed. v. Regulation of the translation working speed. vi. NC control over the keyway depth. vii. All the functions can be adjusted from the touch screen. vii. Select user language.

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Standard Equipment Complete Electrical Panel UL Approved Mitsubishi Electrical Components 31-1/2” Built-In Rotary Table 360 Degree Rotary Scale Upper and Lower Adjustable Stroke Limits Cutter Retract During Upstroke Electrically Interlocked Safety Guards RECOMMENDED OPTION: UL MEC-100 Adaptation $7,600 3 AUTOMATIC AXES. Thanks to the electronic control systems of last generation that have been incorporated in this model for its three axes is achieved greater precision and a higher degree of automation. The machine can work in automatic mode, so that the operator can simply handle replace the part once the machine has finished the process of pre-programmed machining. Undoubtedly, the MECO broaching machines are designed to increase the production capacity of our customers. LOWER GUIDED SYSTEM Z AXIS. Through a removable guide bar running through a clamping sleeve located at the bottom, we set the Z axis. As a result we suppress the bending of the shaft and the tool holder, and thus we cut absolutely straight and precise. This system allows us to remove more material in each pass and thus greatly shorten production times.

Keyway Width4.53"
Keyway Length30"
ControlCNC (Mitsubishi)
DimensionsDepth 86" x Height 122" x Width 60" w/doors closed
Weight6,650 lbs

Specifications of the Z Axis (automatic) Machine Dimensions  A (Maximum Width without screen): 59.1"  A (Maximum Width with screen): 82.75"  B (Maximum Depth of the machine): 86.75"  C (Maximum Higher of the machine): 122.1"  D (Maximum diameter of the sample): 39.35"  E (Total working area): 25.6"  (Machine Weight): 6,650 lbs  Maximum Speed Z Axis 15 m/min  Total Stroke Z Axis 30.7"  Total Engine Power Z axis 3500 kW  Maximum Working Force 14 kN  Reduction ratio 40:1 Specifications of the Y Axis (automatic)  Maximum Speed Y Axis 0.375 m/min  Stroke in the Y Axis in + 12.6"  Stroke in the Y Axis in - 1.57"  Total Engine Power Z axis 2000 W  Maximum Working Force 187 kN  Reduction ratio 28:1 Specifications of the W Axis (automatic)  Maximum rotation speed W axis 10 RPM  Total degrees rotation w 360º  Total Engine Power W axis 2000W  Maximum Torque 1.0 kNm  Reduction ratio 1:1  Dimensions of rotary plate 31.5" x 31.5"

MECO MEC 100 PREMIUM CNC keyseater, 25.59" part height with 40" dia capacity

MECO MEC 100 PREMIUM CNC keyseater, 25.59" part height with 40" dia capacity