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Horizontal Band Saws
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KARMETAL Auto Feeding Horizontal Bandsaw Model WOS 340 KARMETAL were established in 1975 and they have been providing solutions to the automotive industry and manufacturing a large range of both manual, semi-automatic and automatic bandsaw machines. They have gone on to be one of the largest suppliers of sawing solutions from Turkey. AUTOMATIC BAND SAW MACHINE BUNDLE CUTTING SERIES WOS 340X400 model is an automatic band saw machine with pivot type body design. The Machine is able to bundle cutting thanks to hydraulic top clamp which can be added as optional. Precision cutting capability has been gained with linear guides. The cut material can be easily tightened thanks to hydraulic vises automatically. After the length of the cut material and the amount of pieces to be cut are entered on the PLC control panel, the machine automatically adjusts the length to be cut with the help of an encoder and cuts in the amount entered. Feeder vices drive the material according to the set size automatically. 20 different cutting sizes can be entered on the screen. 50 different work lists can be saved to the control panel and saved work list can be used at any time. It is ideal for bundle cutting.

Equipped With

STANDARD ACCESSORIES 2 Year warranty on Parts PLC Control Panel Only control panel without buttons Error page Alarm list Easy language selection Easy denomination selection 6 Alternative Language Turkish, English, Deutsch, Russian, Spanish, Arabic (Different language installable) Work List Page 50 different works can be saved. Operator can select all programs or just one line to progress recorded program Inverter Provides to adjust blade speed up to workpiece diameter, thickness and hardness. Sensible Pressure Adjustment Provides to adjust bow down pressure. Hydraulic Vise Pressure, clamping period and clamping time can be adjusted. Hydraulic Blade Tensioning Tensioning period and tensioning time can be adjusted. So blade does not relax and curve cutting gets prevented. Swarf Conveyor Remove swarf from machine by Motor driven conveyor. Fast Down Speed Approach Self-Drive Swarf Brush Removes swarf to keep clean the wheels and blade. Blade Bedding with 2 Bearings and Carbide Plate Adjustable Vise Pressure and Manometer Bevel Helical Gearbox Servo Driver Double Vise Motion Vise Fixed Jaw Piston Transport Hooks Leveling Foot Leg Adjustable Bow Down Speed Moveable Guide Arms Bow Switch Tension Switch Electric Cabinet Switch Bearing Bedding at Wheels Double Act Hydraulic Top Clamp Proximity Switch 2 meter Roller Table With Top and Side Fixing Bars Automatic Stop When;  The covers are open  Blade is broken  Blade tension is low  Blade is jammed

Rect-Cap (H)13.39"
Rect-Cap (W)16.93"
Power5.4 hp
Type (Auto, Manual, Semi)Auto
Blade Width1.34"
Blade Thickness0.04"
Blade Length153.94"
Dimensions81” x 51” x 63”
Weight3,970 lbs

Main Motor : 5.4HP Gearbox : Bevel Helical PKD 2390 High Efficiency Hydraulic Motor : 1.5 HP Coolant Motor : 1⁄6HP Conveyor Motor : 1⁄6 HP Feeding Stroke : 26.5” (Multi Indexing Stroke) Servo Feeder Motor : 750 Watt, 3000 rpm Blade Speed : 72 – 328 fpm Blade Dimensions : 14' 1 1/4" x 1.33" x 19 Gauge Machine Weight : 3,970 lbs Machine Dimensions : 81” x 51” x 63” Working Height : 27.5"

KARMETAL Auto Feeding Horizontal Bandsaw Model WOS 340

KARMETAL Auto Feeding Horizontal Bandsaw Model WOS 340
Horizontal Band Saws